Manuals, Artwork and Pinouts

We always try to provide Manual and/or Artwork with our Gaem Boards, or at least a Pinout and DIP-Switch Sheet.
Some of the scanned documents like Technical- and Operator Manuals, Pinouts, Schematics, Flyers and Instruction Cards can be found here.

You need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .PDF files !
11942_Manual.pdf3,80 MB 
2Aero Fighters.pdf87 KB 
3Arkanoid.pdf755 KB 
4Arkanoid2 - Doh.pdf4,84 MB 
5Asteroids.pdf3,86 MB 
6Bubble Bobble.pdf1,15 MB 
7Cabal.pdf2,79 MB 
8Capcom CPS1 Schematics.pdf1,81 MB 
9Centipede.pdf5,21 MB 
10Collection Of Pinouts.zip209 KB 
11Commando - Space Invasion.pdf7,19 MB 
12Data IO 29B Promlink 6.10 Fixed.zip670 KB 
13Data IO 29B Unipak2.pdf7,15 MB 
14Data IO 29B.pdf10,98 MB 
15Data IO Unipak2b Devicelist.xls248 KB 
16Defender.pdf2,99 MB 
17Dig Dug.pdf5,41 MB 
18Elevator Action.pdf7,10 MB 
19Exerion.pdf1,34 MB 
20Galaga 88.pdf2,26 MB 
21Galaga Bootleg.pdf388 KB 
22Galaga Schematics.pdf703 KB 
23Galaga88_Manual.pdf1,31 MB 
24Galaxian-Troubleshooting 1.pdf1,97 MB 
25Galaxian-Troubleshooting 2.pdf1,63 MB 
26Galaxian.pdf2,74 MB 
27Gals Panic II.pdf585 KB 
28Hyper Olympics - Track And Field.pdf5,39 MB 
29Inthehunt.Man.pdf4,46 MB 
30Joust.pdf1,63 MB 
31Kaneko.pdf1,15 MB 
32Kights Of The Round.pdf2,67 MB 
33Klax.pdf6,83 MB 
34Major Title.pdf481 KB 
35Match It.pdf199 KB 
36Merkur Vision.pdf11,22 MB 
37Missile Command.pdf5,58 MB 
38Moon Cresta Manual.pdf3,54 MB 
39Moonpatrol.pdf1,35 MB 
40MVS 1-Slot 1FZ Manual.pdf1,64 MB 
41MVS 2-4 Slot 4F Manual.pdf2,11 MB 
42Nova Big Screeen Bedienungshandbuch.pdf1,91 MB 
43Pang 3.pdf191 KB 
44Pang.pdf331 KB 
45Pengo-Pr.pdf356 KB 
46Phoenix.pdf1,75 MB 
47Phoenix_Instruct.pdf72 KB 
48Puzzle Bobble 2.pdf2,19 MB 
49Raiden Fighters 2.pdf1,29 MB 
50Raiden Fighters Jet.pdf162 KB 
51Soul Edge V2.pdf2,09 MB 
52Space Panic.pdf1,93 MB 
53Sunsetriders_Manual.pdf3,87 MB 
54Super Pang.pdf490 KB 
55Tapper.pdf2,96 MB 
56Tetris.pdf5,82 MB 
57Traverse USA.pdf1,11 MB 
58Vanguard.pdf3,72 MB 
59Vendetta.pdf2,25 MB 
60Violent Storm.pdf1,09 MB 
61Warlords.pdf4,61 MB 
62Zaxxon.pdf3,64 MB 
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