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Battlezone (Atari, Original)
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Manufacturer: Atari 1980
Serial-No.: #4039
Genre: Shooter
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Jamma : No

Original Atari Board, komplett mit Verbindungskabeln, Topp-Zustand
ungetestet/ untested, sold-as-is

Battlezone is a 3D tank simulation from Atari

The player controls a tank that patrols a war zone. The goal is to destroy as many enemy tanks as possible and to destroy or evade the occasionally appearing homing missiles.

There are two types of enemy tanks: slow moving standard tanks and fast moving "super tanks". A single hit from either an enemy tank or a homing missile results in the loss of one player tank. Occasionally a flying saucer appears, but it does not attack the player and can be destroyed for bonus points.

A radar screen at the top of the game board shows the current position of enemy tanks or missiles in range, and the war zone is littered with indestructible pyramids and boxes that can provide temporary cover. Only one shot is allowed on the screen at a time, so the accuracy of the shots is vital for survival.

The game has vector graphics displayed on a black and white monitor with applied green and red overlay slides. Your own vehicle is controlled by a 2-way joystick for the left and right drive: Synchronous deflection causes the vehicle to move forwards or backwards, counter-rotating operation causes it to turn on the spot. The right-hand joystick is also equipped with the fire button.

The first training computers for the US Army were two special machines called The Bradley Trainer, also called Army Battlezone or Military Battlezone. It served as training equipment for the riders of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle.

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Battlezone Atari 1980 399,00 €
Wash PCB in ultrasonic bath What's that ? 17,90 €
PCB mounting Feet (Set of 4) What's that ? 4,90 €
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