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Hammerin' Harry (Irem, Original)
Hammerin' Harry
Hammerin' Harry
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Hammerin' Harry

Manufacturer: Irem 1990
Serial-No.: #6288
Genre: Jump and Run / Platform
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Jamma : Yes


Irem M-84 Board, Japanische Originalversion

Hammerin' Harry is a Platform Game from Irem

The Story: Harry's house has been taken down to make place for a new shopping center, so Harry takes his very big hammer and starts his crusade.

While this game is pretty much another platform game, it is a very fun platform game with a huge touch of humor. Couple this with some very colorful and animated characters and you have a game that will bring you back again and again. You play the role of Hammerin Harry, going around and bashing everyone in his way. The game starts out with some guys taking down your house and putting up a construction site. You then get your hammer and it says "Hammer Time". Then as the level starts, it says "Let's Get Busy" both of which should date this game for you. You then proceed through the levels, bashing people and objects to make your way along. One of the neat things is that you can whack an object and send it flying at the enemies. This can really ease your job.
But you are not confined to the ground only. You can also climb up utility poles and jump up on boxes to get at or away from the enemy. This will keep you busy as you find out what parts of the environment are accessible and what is just scenery.
The characters in the game are very large and very cartoony. This makes the violence seem more comical as a many with a huge hammer could be quite scary. But with these big headed guys, it seems more like a Three Stooges short or a Warner Bros cartoon, where the violence borders on silly. Of course as in all platformers of the era, you have a big boss at the end of each level.

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Hammerin' HarryHammerin' HarryHammerin' Harry
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