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RayForce / Gunlock (Taito, Original)
RayForce / Gunlock
RayForce / Gunlock
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RayForce / Gunlock

Manufacturer: Taito 1993
Serial-No.: #3901
Genre: Shooter
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Vertically
Jamma : Yes


Taito F3 System (Motherboard + Gameboard ), Conversion

RayForce is a Space Shooter from Taito
Based on Taitos F3 Hardware this vertical space shooter hit the arcades in 1993 and was later ported to the Sega Saturn, Microsoft Windows and iPhone. Due to trademark problems it was released under different names like Layer Section, Galactic Attack or Gunlock.
The Story: In the distant future a massive supercomputer named "Con-Human" takes over the control over the earth and begins to exterminate the nature and the humans. It transforms itself into a planet-sized mobile fortress and intends to use the transformed Earth to seek out and destroy the colonies. Now taking the full-scale offensive, mankind develops powerful ships like the RVA-818 X-LAY starfighter to fight the oppressive machine by destroying the now-infected Earth entirely.
The player is provided with a ship called the RVA-818 X-LAY, which is outfitted with two weapons: a primary weapon that fires straight lasers and increases in power when the player accumulates power-ups, and a secondary lock-on missile launcher, which can also be increased in power, that can target up to eight enemies at once by moving the targeting reticle. This weapon is used to attack enemies that appear on a lower plane than that of your craft, which are inaccessible to the player's primary weapon. During play, the screen predominantly scrolls vertically, but there is some horizontal leeway as is common in games of this genre.
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RayForce / GunlockRayForce / GunlockRayForce / Gunlock
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