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Side Pocket (Data East, Bootleg)
Side Pocket
Side Pocket
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Side Pocket

Manufacturer: Data East 1986
Serial-No.: #3823
Genre: Pool
Type: Bootleg
Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Jamma : Yes

Side Pocket is a pool game from Data East

The player has to get all the balls in each level and is awarded extra points for making consecutive shots at the end of each level. We have 3 balls per game and a time limit as well, but the time can be extended by putting a ball in a pocket that has a star flashing that turns into a clock. Other times, shooting the ball into the star pocket gives the player many bonus points, and sometimes it may even give an extra ball. There are bonus stages every now and then, where the player has a chance to make a more difficult shot and is awarded the displayed amount of points if successful. The player has control of what part of the cue the stick will hit when shooting.

Item Manufacturer Accessories* Unit price**
Side Pocket Data East 1986 39,00 €
Wash PCB in ultrasonic bath What's that ? 17,90 €
Ship PCB within Antistatic-Bag What's that ? 5,90 €
PCB mounting Feet (Set of 4) What's that ? 4,90 €
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Side PocketSide PocketSide Pocket
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