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Magic Sword - CPS1 Pcb (Capcom, Original)
Magic Sword - CPS1 Pcb
Magic Sword - CPS1 Pcb
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Magic Sword - CPS1 Pcb

Manufacturer: Capcom 1990
Serial-No.: #3626
Genre: Fighting
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Jamma : Yes


Komplettes Kit (CPS1 Motherboard und 89624B-3 Game Board ) mit mit Manual und Flyer (Repro) .
Keine Suicide Batterie!

Magic Sword is a Sword-Fighting Game from Capcom.

The Story: Two warriors leave on a quest to destroy the Black orb, which lies at the top of the Dragon Tower.
Each hero has health that is decreated by various monsters, attacks, traps, and the passage of time. Health is increased by finding food. Every certain amount of points, a "Food Fairy" appears and drops off food as well. The amount of keys one has grant health bonuses after each boss. One can open chests to find treasure and artifacts, which requires attacking the chest.Various artifacts can be recovered that alter gameplay, such as providing more damage or increased magical power.
Keys are used to free imprisoned allies, who will then follow the hero if he runs over them. Allies may be found among a wide variety of beings, each with unique attacks, that will mimic the moves of the hero they follow. Only one artifact and one ally may be used at a time, and artifacts disappear after awhile.
As the players ascend the tower, they will be granted new magical weapons after each boss they defeat. The player's weapons are affected by a "magic bar" that charges over time. When fully charged, the weapon has a powerful ranged attack, but when not charged only a close attack is produced. A magical staff will grant increased range attack ability. A magical blast may be generated by pressing the Attack and Jump buttons at once, but costs health.
There are multiple paths in the game, and two separate endings. Hidden doors can be used to skip levels when found - usually by attacking a wall or a particular spot.


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Magic Sword - CPS1 PcbMagic Sword - CPS1 PcbMagic Sword - CPS1 Pcb
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