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Terra Cresta (Nichibutsu, Bootleg)
Terra Cresta
Terra Cresta
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Terra Cresta

Manufacturer: Nichibutsu 1985
Serial-No.: #3575
Genre: Shooter
Type: Bootleg
Screen Orientation: Vertically
Jamma : No


Sehr gute 1:1 Kopie, keine Unterschiede zur Originalplatine /
Very good 1:1 Bootleg, no difference between bootleg & Original

Terra Cresta is a shooter from Nichibutsu

A few years before Terra Cresta appeared in the arcades, its prequel Moon Cresta added innovative touches to the Invaders theme, with varied enemies and attacks, and a docking sequence which expanded your ship. Moon Cresta proved a massive hit, (and is still remembered fondly today) - signifying that variety and more complex powerups and controls were required to make the next step up from Galaxians.
The same philosophy was applied to Terra Cresta. The weapon system is in many ways unique, and hasn't been copied an awful lot since. Your ship starts as a naked lonely soul, with only a bleepy weedy shot to keep it warm at night. Ground bases (numbered from 1 to 5) appear every so often, and shooting these will release a bolt-on-able section of ship. Collecting these will boost the firepower, adding backshots and a wider spread. A quick bash of the second firebutton will expand the ship temporarily into formation mode, dependent on the amount of extras you've collected.
The ultimate ship is the Terra Cresta itself, only available if you have successfully collected all the powerups without dying. Bashing the second button will morph the ship into a phoenix-like bird, completely invincible for a few seconds.
Item Manufacturer Accessories* Unit price**
Terra Cresta Nichibutsu 1985 199,00 €
Ship complete with Jamma-Adapter What's that ? 89,00 €
Wash PCB in ultrasonic bath What's that ? 17,90 €
Ship PCB within Antistatic-Bag What's that ? 5,90 €
PCB mounting Feet (Set of 4) What's that ? 4,90 €
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Terra CrestaTerra CrestaTerra Cresta
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