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Gyrodine / Buzzard (Taito, Bootleg)
Gyrodine / Buzzard
Gyrodine / Buzzard
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Gyrodine / Buzzard

Manufacturer: Taito 1985
Serial-No.: #3457
Genre: Shooter
Type: Bootleg
Screen Orientation: Vertically
Jamma : No


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Gyrodine is a shooter developed by Crux/Taito
The player controls a Gyrodyne aircraft, that hovers in the air with helicopter blades, but also contains an addition propulsion system. In the game, the player must pilot the Gyrodyne over vertically scrolling terrain. The controls contain two button, the player has three weapons at his disposal. One button fires a pair of bullet at enemy aircraft. Another button fires twin machine guns down at the ground. If both buttons are pressed, the Gyrodyne launches a missile with limited heat seeking ability. As a result, the player cannot truly fire both guns at the same time. As the player sweeps to the left or to the right, the guns are angle more and more in those directions until the joystick is released or pushed in the opposite direction.
Gyrodine contains gameplay very similar to Xevious and 1942. The arcade game features especially detailed graphics for it's time, drawing tiny people, cars, houses and even beach umbrella with impressive clarity. The appearance of neutral parties plays a crucial role in your score. Destroying unarmed innocent people will result in a stiff penalty being taken from your score. Much like Xevious, special icons are hidden and can only be revealed by shooting in the correct location, which yields bonus points
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Gyrodine / Buzzard Taito 1985 159,00 €
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Gyrodine / Buzzard
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