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Nintendo JAMMA Adapter (Arcadiabay)
Nintendo JAMMA Adapter
Nintendo JAMMA Adapter
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Nintendo JAMMA Adapter

This Adapter print allows you to operate original Nintendo board without soldering or other additional hardware in a standard JAMMA cabinet.

Many original Nintendo boards (such as Mario Bros, Donkey Kong or Popeye) share the big annoyance that the RGB output signals have negative polarity, ie where normal RGB monitors expect a high signal Nintendo gives us a low signal (and vice versa).
So in order to plug one of the above boards to a standard RGB monitor, the signal has to be inverted, and that requires some tinkering. Additionally, many Nintendo boards have no integrated audio amplifier, so you have to use an external amp.

Both problems are addressed with this Nintendo Jamma adapter: it has both a built-in audio amplifier as well as an adjustable, high-quality RGB inverter.

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