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Double Dragon - MVS (Technos)
Double Dragon - MVS
Double Dragon - MVS
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Double Dragon - MVS

Manufacturer: Technos 1995
Serial-No.: # 003946
Type: Original


Original SNK-Modul im Bestzustand

The game is a Double Dragon tournament fighting game based on the movie. You choose from one of ten characters, ranging from recognizable names from the previous Double Dragon games such as Billy, Jimmy, Marian, Abobo and Burnov (the 1st-level boss from Double Dragon II - The Revenge) along with new characters like Eddie (a kickboxer), Dulton (a street punk), Rebecca (a female tonfa master), Cheng-Fu (a drunken fist master) and Amon (a ninja). There are two bosses as well.
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Double Dragon - MVS Technos 1995 129,00 €
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Double Dragon - MVSDouble Dragon - MVS
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