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Pulstar - MVS (Aicom)
Pulstar - MVS
Pulstar - MVS
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Pulstar - MVS

Manufacturer: Aicom 1995
Serial-No.: #4058
Type: Conversion

Grünes MVS Modul, komplett mit Artwork & Mini Marquee (Repro)

With the Neo Geo being home to a fair few decent shooters, this game stands out as being one of the best. You actually need to use skill to get through each level, unlike games such as Zed Blade, where you just hold the fire button down and hope for the best. The game may be uncompromisingly tough, but if you memorise the set attack patterns (which are basically the same each time) you can progress through each level using pure skill (well, maybe a little luck sometimes :-)

The only problem really is that when you die you lose most of your weapons, but you can usually pick some more up quite quickly. Luckily it doesn't put you back too far in the level either if you bite the bullet. You may also notice the similarities between this and the R-Type games. Yes, it is true that they are similar (for instance the shield that you have on the front of the craft and some of the levels look very familiar!), but don't let that fool you into thinking that this is just a cheap rip off. Most shoot 'em ups play in a similar way to each other, so it doesn't really matter too much.

Graphically, Pulstar is very good. I think the only shooter that surpasses this game on the Neo Geo is the semi-sequel sequel Blazing Star. OK, admittedly there is Metal Slug, but that is a different style of game). There is a lot of great detail on the many different crafts, and the backgrounds look very good, with a lot of variation between them. There are some nice little animation details on the craft too, and the bosses are nicely animated and very well thought out. The sound is also of the same high quality, and you blast through each stage with very good music in the background (one of my favourite Neo soundtracks actually), which suits the game perfectly. The sound effects are cool too? nice explosions etc.

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Pulstar - MVSPulstar - MVSPulstar - MVS
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