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Jungle King (Taito, Original)
Jungle King
Jungle King
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Jungle King

Manufacturer: Taito 1982
Serial-No.: #4018
Genre: Jump and Run / Platform
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Jamma : No

Original Taito SJ Board

Jungle King is an early jump & run game from Taito

The player controls a Tarzan-like jungle man who must rescue his Jane from a pair of barbaric cannibals.
The game has four screens. On the first level, the player presses the fire button to make the Tarzan character jump from vine to vine. Since the jump range is limited, you will need to wait until the time is right before leaping towards the next vine. Avoid the monkeys who can knock the player character from the vine.
On the second level, use the joystick to move Tarzan around the screen in order to avoid the hungry crocodiles. Press the fire button to stab the enemies with the knife, but only when their mouths are partly or fully closed. Avoid the ascending air bubbles as these will trap your character and invetably drag you into an approaching crocodile. Be sure to return to the surface periodically so Tarzan can catch a quick breath, otherwise he will drown.
For the third level, push the joystick left or right to have Tarzan run either slower or faster. Press the fire button to jump over the small rocks. To avoid the larger boulders, you must either jump, run or duck by pulling down on the joystick.
On the fourth level, Tarzan must jump over and between the natives while their spears are down. After that, Tarzan must jump toward the woman when she has been lowered enough for him to reach her. This becomes more difficult as the levels progress since another native later appears on the tree nearby throwing spears directly at the player characterone at a time.
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Jungle KingJungle KingJungle King
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