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Masked Riders Club Battle Race (Banpresto, Original)
Masked Riders Club Battle Race
Masked Riders Club Battle Race
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Masked Riders Club Battle Race

Masked Riders Club: Battle Race is a top-down action racing game from Banpresto
The game consists of nine vertically-scrolling levels that need to be completed before time runs out, with themes such as an industrial environment, a beach, a snowy environment etc., each with its own enemies. At the start the player chooses one of ten superhero Kamen Riders. The riders are grasshopper-themed altered humans and each come with his own motorcycle rated in three different statistics as well as a unique weapon such as a blade, a hook, a short burst of fire, or a pole.
The single-player game is only played on the left side of the screen. The middle part shows progress through the level map and the right map the global map of the nine levels. At the end of each level a score is calculated based on the remaining time and fuel, and a bonus for not missing anything.
The game supports competitive one-on-one multiplayer where the second player is in the same level using the right side of the screen and can hinder the other player. To progress to the next level one of the two riders needs to finish the level.

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