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Missile Command (Atari, Original)
Missile Command
Missile Command
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Missile Command

Missile Command is a 1- or 2-player game from Atari

The game depicts an Armageddon-style war in which players defend their missile bases and cities with antiballistic missiles (ABMs). The enemy - the game computer - launches incoming waves of attack missiles. These weapons may be either individual missiles or multiple independently-targed re-entry vehicles (MIRV), which unleash branching attack missiles. In addition, the enemy occasionally launches missiles from a fast-moving 'killer' satellite or from bombers. The enemy also launches smart bombs that usually avoid explosions.

Players receive varying numbers of points for intercepting attack missiles, for having unused ABMs still in their bases' arsenals, and for having their cities undamaged after a missile wave.

The game begins when either Start pushbutton is pressed. The game ends when the player's last city is destroyed. A Trackball is required!


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