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Recalhorn (Taito, Original)
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Manufacturer: Taito 1993
Serial-No.: #3797
Genre: Jump and Run / Platform
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Horizontal
Jamma : Yes


Originales Taito F3 System (Motherboard + Gameboard ), Gameboard wurde neu programmiert / Conversion

Recalhorn is a platform game from Taito

This game was an unreleased prototype game that never made it into the arcades. Why ? not because it is a bad game, the opposite is true, but most likely because the players shouted for shooting- and fighting games. Platform games simply had no chance in the japanese arcades in 1994.

The game itself is a 2-D side scrolling platform game much like J.J.Squawkers, Toki or Wardner. The Player controls a boy with a magical horn and rescues helper animals along the way. After rescuing an animal, you can call upon it with your horn and ride them, provided you have collected enough coins needed to call them. The animals have different abilities to help you get through certain sections of each stage.
It's an excellent game with very good graphics and music, the later was even released on Album !
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Recalhorn Taito 1993 329,00 €
Wash PCB in ultrasonic bath What's that ? 16,90 €
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PCB mounting Feet (Set of 4) What's that ? 4,90 €
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