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Vs. Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, Original)
Vs. Super Mario Bros.
Vs. Super Mario Bros.
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Vs. Super Mario Bros.

Vs. Super Mario Bros is a jump and run game from Nintendo

Mario must save the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom from the evil Bowser, king of the Koopas. Mario is aided in his quest by his brother Luigi in two-player mode. The Mario Bros. must conquer the eight worlds that comprise the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario (or Luigi) must make his way to the castle in each world and defeat one of the Bowser's evil minions, thereby taking control of that world. In order to reach the castle, however, Mario or Luigi must battle through three "sub-worlds" by either destroying or avoiding Bowser's henchmen. If Mario or Luigi successfully fights his way through the castle and defeats the evil minion, a Mushroom Retainer (later called Toad), is freed. Inside the eighth castle, the Mario Bros. will find Princess Peach.

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