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Wardner (Taito, Original)
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Wardner is a pretty addictive action Adventure. The story is quite simple : a Magician's girlfriend has been abducted by the evil Sorcerer Wardner, the Magician goes through Wardner's evil territory to rescue her from the crystal ball she has been emprisoned into.
You have to rush through the Levels shooting, jumping and collecting cash and hidden bonuses. At the end of each stage you can buy items in a shop: swords are different fireball trajectories (looping, waving, straight), a cape that protect you from one hit, a needle to give you an additional hit protection for the cape, and time (extra time to avoid time up).
The Gameplay is an excellent mixture of Ghosts'n Gobblins, Wonderboy II and Toki.
If you like Platform games, then this is for you ...

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