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Z80P CPU 10MHz (Zilog)
Z80P CPU 10MHz
Z80P CPU 10MHz
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Z80P CPU 10MHz

Manufacturer: Zilog 2006
Serial-No.: #3501
Genre: Microprocessor
Type: Original


The Z80 is an 8-bit Microprocessor and one of the most popular CPUs for Videogame boards. Deriving from Intels 8080 the Z80 was developed by Zilog in 1977.

The chips needs a single supply voltage of 5V with 10-200mA current, depending on the internal technology. It has an 8-Bit Databus (D0-D7) and 16 Addresslines (A0-A15), so up to 64Kbyte can be addressed directly


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Z80P CPU 10MHz Zilog 2006 12,90 €
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Z80P CPU 10MHzZ80P CPU 10MHz
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