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CGA to VGA/HD Converter (Yungsung)
CGA to VGA/HD Converter
CGA to VGA/HD Converter
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CGA to VGA/HD Converter

Manufacturer: Yungsung 2010
Serial-No.: GBS-8220
Genre: JAMMA Cabinets
Type: Original

CGA to VGA/HD Converter
This CGA/EGA/YUV to VGA Converter PCB allows all types of RGB, EGA, VGA or YUV component signals to be converted to a 31KHz signal that can be fed into a PC VGA monitor, TFT monitor, LCD display, or HD-TV with VGA connection. All inputs are detected automatically!
Use this converter to replace an existing Pinball 2000 tube monitor with a light-weight LCD display.
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CGA to VGA/HD Converter Yungsung 2010 129,00 €
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CGA to VGA/HD ConverterCGA to VGA/HD Converter
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