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Zaxxon High Score Save Kit (Arcadiabay)
Zaxxon High Score Save Kit
Zaxxon High Score Save Kit
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Zaxxon High Score Save Kit

Manufacturer: Arcadiabay 2008
Serial-No.: #3032
Genre: High Score Save Kits
Type: Original

The Zaxxon High Score Saver is a simple to install kit that permanently remembers the top 6 scores and initials for Zaxxon. No batteries required. Plus extras features such as deluxe Free play, powerup Selftest, and on-screen Settings.

  • Kit installs in just minutes. No board modifications or special wiring is required
  • Top 6 high scores and initials are remembered permanently, long after the game has been powered off. No batteries to replace ever
  • True "free play". No coins required. No need to open your coin door. Full (standard) attract mode while in free play mode
  • Extensive powerup selftest automatically diagnoses your board each time the game powers up
  • On screen settings menu allows easy changing of game settings ( such as reversing the picture! ) and erasing of high scores without having to crawl into your machine and remember complicated DIP switch settings. 
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Zaxxon High Score Save Kit Arcadiabay 2008 99,00 €
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Zaxxon High Score Save KitZaxxon High Score Save Kit
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