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Digital-Multimeter MC930 (McVoice)
Digital-Multimeter MC930
Digital-Multimeter MC930
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Digital-Multimeter MC930

Manufacturer: McVoice 2007
Serial-No.: #2932
Genre: Instruments
Type: Original

The Digital Multimeter MC930 is the ideal tool for the coin machine technicians. The design reminds on the legendary Fluke multimeter series (including the shock resitant yellow rubber holster, which effectively protects the meter against damage), it offers field-tested and proven technology at a low price, extended with modern features such as the DataHold function. It has 19 ranges covering all commonly used types of measurements of current, voltage, and resistance in good accuracy (3 1/2 digits). In addition, the device offers a transistor and diode test and an continuity tester with acoustic feedback, very usefull to track cables in TV-Cabinets and pinballs. Other features: Overload protection, extra large display with backlight ..

Package include:
  • Removable protective holster
  • Operating instructions
  • Battery (9 volts Block)
  • Probes
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Digital-Multimeter MC930 McVoice 2007 39,90 €
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Digital-Multimeter MC930Digital-Multimeter MC930
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