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Joystick 4-way /8-way (Hagen)
Joystick 4-way /8-way
Joystick 4-way /8-way
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Joystick 4-way /8-way

Manufacturer: Hagen 1991
Serial-No.: PA-010
Genre: Joysticks & Controller
Type: Original


Mag-Joy is a switchable 4/8 way operation Arcade Joystick from Hagen

The very special at this lever is the magnetic return-to-center system, that leads the Joystick back into its neutral position without any springs or other mechanical wear parts. In addition to that the operation mode can be easily changed to 4-way or 8-way simply by flipping actuator over.
Equipped with four high-quality micro switches and a  shaft from sturdy steel this Joystick is particularly suitable for hard continuous operation.
Measuers: (L x B) 90 x 60mm, depth 55mm

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Joystick 4-way /8-way Hagen 1991 39,90 €
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Joystick 4-way /8-way Joystick 4-way /8-way
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