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Samurai Shodown MVS (SNK)
Samurai Shodown MVS
Samurai Shodown MVS
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Samurai Shodown MVS

Manufacturer: SNK 1993
Serial-No.: # 022103
Type: Original

This is a two-player combat game much like Capcom's long-running fighting series, but some characters have weapons and some pets. This game is responsible for making the "RAGE" gauge (or "POW" gauge) in fighting games popular. It has an exceptional artistic style and balance.

The game is called Samurai Spirits in Japan. Some of the characters in this game are based on real-life historical figures such as Miyamoto Musashi (Haohmaru), Amakusa Shirou Tokisada and Hanzo Hattori

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Samurai Shodown MVS SNK 1993 69,00 €
Ship with MVS Box-Kit What's that ? 7,90 €
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Samurai Shodown MVSSamurai Shodown MVSSamurai Shodown MVS
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