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Raiden Fighters (Seibu Kaihatsu, Original)
Raiden Fighters
Raiden Fighters
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Raiden Fighters

Manufacturer: Seibu Kaihatsu 1996
Serial-No.: #3407
Genre: Shooter
Type: Original
Screen Orientation: Vertically
Jamma : Yes


Exterm seltenes Seibu Kaihatsu Board

Raiden Fighters is a Shooter from Seibu
This intense 7-level shooter is the first game in the Raiden Fighters series. One could say that Raiden Fighters is the original Raiden on horse steroids. Seibu Kaihatsu changed the name of the game from "Gun Dogs" to "Raiden Fighters" when they found out that people paid more attention to it during market tests just by the simple fact that the game had the word "Raiden" in its name!
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Raiden Fighters Seibu Kaihatsu 1996 349,00 €
Wash PCB in ultrasonic bath What's that ? 14,90 €
Ship PCB within Antistatic-Bag What's that ? 4,90 €
PCB mounting Feet (Set of 4) What's that ? 2,90 €
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Raiden FightersRaiden FightersRaiden Fighters
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